This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 894759

EnergyMEASURES will work to address energy poverty in seven European countries (Belgium, Bulgaria, Ireland, North Macedonia, Holland, Poland and here in Scotland, UK) through two complementary and synergistic strands of work, namely: Direct household engagements – working with energy poor households to improve their energy efficiency through a combination of low-cost measures, and changes in their energy-related behaviours and practices.

The key actions of the project will be to:

  • Recruit and support 500 selected energy poor households across the Outer Hebrides in tackling energy poverty
  • Facilitate the transfer of good practice for the active engagement of vulnerable consumers
  • Reduce energy demand of energy poor households
  • Ensure the involvement of as wide as possible a range of relevant stakeholders
  • Promote structural changes in national policies to specifically address energy
  • Poverty
  • Develop a ‘good practice’ approach for engaging energy poor households on energy-related behaviour change
  • Facilitate the transfer of good practice for the active engagement of vulnerable consumers

EnergyMEASURES is based on the premise that reducing energy demand is the most effective and sustainable means of ameliorating fuel poverty. This includes enhancing the energy performance of dwellings through low-cost measures and encouraging more energy-efficient behaviours. We will target energy poor households focused on specific groups, and working with them using tailored approaches and here in the focus is on occupants of owner-occupied houses with a focus on the elderly.

Please contact the project officer, Charlie Rankin:

EnergyMEASURES can deliver small energy efficiency measures in your home.

These are the type of measures you can receive as part of the project:


Oil boiler service

LED lighting

Radiator foils

Chimney balloons

Shower timers

Air fryers

Slow cookers