Statement from Tighean Innse Gall (TIG) – 28th of March 2022

Cessation of insulation works and ongoing redundancy process at Tighean Innse Gall Tighean Innse Gall’s management committee have held further discussions to take into account recent talks with the Scottish Government around insulation services. As directors of TIG the Community Benefit Society we remain agreed that, in light of the irretrievable damage already done to the supply chain coupled with continuing uncertainty around project delivery, the only competent route forward is to regrettably continue [...]

Statement from Tighean Innse Gall (TIG) – 2nd of March 2022

Tighean Innse Gall’s Management Committee met yesterday to decide on the future delivery of TIG services to continue to meet islanders’ immediate needs of warm and affordable housing, support for vulnerable members of the community and essential energy advice provision. TIG has over the last year faced the onslaught of changes to regulations brought in by UK and Scottish Governments, purportedly to raise standards when insulating homes. TIG have gone from Scotland’s most successful [...]


Energy price cap rise shock Today OFGEM the energy regulator announced that the price cap which sets the average price for energy bills from utilities will rise from £1,277 to £1,971 a year for standard tariff customers and £1,309 to £2,017 a year for prepayment meter customers. This is a 54% increase in the price cap. Since most residents in the Western Isles pay energy costs at above the price cap, often 30 – [...]

Uist & Barra Foodbank

TIG, through its Energy Advice Service, TEAS SCIO, were assisting clients to apply for replacement white goods through the Let’s Talk Energy Fund (LTEF) as well as offering essential energy advice. Our clients had their applications accepted only to be informed by the administrators of the Scheme, Charis Grants, that white goods could not be delivered to the Western Isles. This meant vulnerable householders and families with children, across the islands, could not store [...]

White Goods Scheme

We were pleased to help out with a request from the Uist & Barra Foodbank during 2020 lockdown. The freezer they were using to store meals for distribution to their clients had broken down and this was severely impacting their delivery service during the Covid crisis. We were able to offer funding to the Foodbank to purchase a replacement freezer and they were delighted that we were able to assist and were equally happy [...]

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