TIG, through its Energy Advice Service, TEAS SCIO, were assisting clients to apply for replacement white goods through the Let’s Talk Energy Fund (LTEF) as well as offering essential energy advice.

Our clients had their applications accepted only to be informed by the administrators of the Scheme, Charis Grants, that white goods could not be delivered to the Western Isles. This meant vulnerable householders and families with children, across the islands, could not store or cook food or wash clothes adequately.

Once we were aware of this, we raised the issue with Angus Brendan MacNeil MP, who in turn contacted Charis Grants and they confirmed that, having worked with OFGEM and their suppliers, the delivery issue was resolved, and all customers would be contacted to arrange delivery of their goods.

Stewart Wilson, Chief Executive of Tighean Innse Gall said:
“My team work very hard to secure the best outcomes for our clients. TIG provides energy advice and targeted support through additional schemes as well as helping clients to switch to cheaper tariffs: we also make referrals to heating and insulation schemes along with referrals for food parcels. All these collectively provide essential savings and can mean, with our support, people can afford to heat and eat, with all the provision there to do so. I thank OFGEM, Let’s Talk, and suppliers for working through the issues and, of course, Mr MacNeil MP for raising it on our behalf, with these authorities.”

Angus Brendan MacNeil MP said:
“Tighean Innse Gall work very hard to assist island residents to make improvements to homes so they are more comfortable and cost effective. Local residents were being advised to apply to the Scheme to receive energy efficient white goods but unfortunately an issue arose regarding delivery to the islands. I contacted Charis Grants who administer the Scheme and I am very pleased to hear that they have identified the problem and will now deliver white goods to people in the islands free of charge. This is good news for those who were successful in their applications and will now have their white goods delivered, hopefully in time for Christmas.”

One of TIG’s clients commented:
“TIG were very helpful. They kept me constantly informed of what was happening and I’m delighted that I am now getting my appliance because I’m not able to afford to go out and buy one. A big thank you to TIG who I know I can contact at any point to help me when I need it.”